Because running is more fun when it's a social event. Not only do miles tick by when you're chatting with a friend, but there is a reason they call it "conversation" pace. Walking and chewing gum might show that you're coordinated but running and chewing the fat will not only make the run better, it will make you a better runner.

Because excuses are harder to come by when someone, or a bunch of someones, are waiting for you.

Because as rewarding as the run itself is, mimosas are pretty rewarding too.



The How.

Register on line.

Show up.


Eat. Drink. Hang.





All paces welcome -whether you run a 6-minute mile, or a 16-minute mile. Pace shaming will not be tolerated.


Nicole Lichwick

will run for jewelry

Nicole is a RRCA Certified Race Director and a Level I Certified Run Coach. She is currently studying to earn her Level II certification. This year's goals include the Popular Brooklyn Half Marathon finish line, which she plans to finish along side the friend she talked into registering because if there is anything that improves running, its the relationships it creates.

She believes strongly in the restorative power of a mid-run dance break, preferably to old school hip hop.

It would seem that running late is her cardio of choice.


Jason Lichwick

will run for architecture

Jason is a good husband and therefore, dedicated volunteer as needed and can often be seen doing the heavy lifting. He runs not often and, of course, is faster than his wife who trains 10 months out of the year. One day, she'll manage to talk him into a half marathon, and he. will. rock. it.

When he isn't architecting, Jason makes one hell of a pizza.

Though a sometimes hip hop head, he still refuses to dance mid-run.

Denying he fell asleep in front of the television is his favorite cardio.