Will Run For…

Coffee… I mean really cute shoes.

The truth is, I will run for quite a lot. A burger with a fried egg atop it, ice cream, a free NY bagel. Jewelry. And yes, shoes. Especially, these shoes.

I don’t even run in Saucony! The lure of special edition (hello, Boston!) coupled with the ab fab design featuring a donut (a donut!) on each heel renders that completely irrelevant. I need another pair of sneakers like I need a hole in my head. So, obviously, I will have them.

Or, not.

Even crazier than my consideration of another pair of sneakers, these bad boys haven’t even been released, and yet, they are sold. out. All sizes are out of stock for pre-sale. What? Why?

Please, Saucony, please don’t make these my next unicorn, I am still smarting after missing out on last year’s Boston edition Brooks Launch, featuring lobsters (lobsters!).

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