Running changes everything. It seems impossible, but its so true. There’s no way to explain it, you just have to experience it for yourself. Today is the day to take the first step, literally & figuratively into finding out just how true it is.

Unlike typical C25K-type programs, we don’t just get you running, we get you to a finish line! Where friends you didn’t know you have will be waiting to celebrate with you… in the manner of your choosing. Love ice cream? We can do that. Wine much? We’ve got you covered. More of a beer drinker? We’ve got that covered toooooooo!

For just $85 you’ll receive a customized running journal, complete with your 6-8 week training plan. You’ll also receive a technical t-shirt (made of material engineered to wick the sweat away). The best part? Upon completion of the program, you’ll select a DRUN5K fun run to celebrate. The “hydration”, swag and ‘edible medal’ is included with your complementary bib. It’ll be like graduation, with a lot more sweat (on your part) and cheering (on ours)!